Does Wendy’s Take ?

Quick Answer: Wendy’s does not accept at the restaurant, in the drive-thru, or on Wendy’s app, unfortunately. That’s because it isn’t accepted as a form of payment. For now, is only available at participating restaurants.

There you have it, in simple terms, Wendy’s Apple Pay policy. Apple Pay is not yet accepted at all Wendy’s restaurants, but it will be in the near future.

So What Payment Methods Does Wendys Accept?

Given that Wendy’s does not accept Apple Pay or Google Pay, what payment options are accepted?

In addition to cash and debit cards, Wendy’s accepts credit and debit cards, as well as Wendy’s gift cards.

Here is a full list of payment methods accepted at Wendy’s:

  • Cash
  • Debit cards
  • Prepaid Cards
  • Wendy’s gift card
  • Visa cards
  • American Express cards
  • Discover cards

How can you check if a restaurant takes Apple Pay?

Many of the restaurants that do take Apple/Google/Samsung pay usually highlight it online. If you are unsure, you may inquire.

Alternatively, open Apple Maps on your iPhone to see if a restaurant accepts Apple Pay. Go to the store’s website and scroll down to the “Useful to Know” section.

In this case, look for the Apple Pay logo or a checkbox next to “Accepts Apple Pay”!

In most circumstances, it is the responsibility of the restaurant either to publish or publicize their acceptance of this type of payment.

If this isn’t the case, you as a customer or patron would have no other choice than to phone the restaurant directly and inquire.

How can I determine at a glance if a payment terminal will accept Apple Pay?

Apple Pay requires that a business have the required infrastructure in place to process NFC transactions before it can accept the service.

The appearance of the equipment can typically tell you if it contains NFC technology if you understand payment processing equipment.

On the machine or surrounding the register, you’ll see a little picture of a hand with what appears to be a WiFi signal. However, you won’t find out until you show up at the business.

Concluding Remarks

It’s a bummer that Wendy’s does not accept Apple Pay at this time (or Google Pay).

However, we expect that in the future, they will make it available as a payment option. When used inside Wendy’s, at their drive-thru, and through Wendy’s app, Apple Pay would be a safe and simple method of payment.

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