How Much is 6 Figures in money?

I’m pretty sure you’ve heard people talking about 6 figures salary, income, or projects.

It could also be a company with a 6 figure portfolio, six-figure salary jobs, etc.

Well in this article we are going to elaborate on exactly how much is 6 figures and what 6 digit income means.


So, when a person says he’s earning a six-figure salary how much money is 6 figures really?

How much is 6 figures in money? well, it simply means the number of digits in their income.

In this case, it contains 6 digits in any form, A 6 figure income has a range attached to it.


The range is 100,000 to and including 999,999

The ambiguity factor has been purposely designed into this method of measuring one’s income.

By defining it that way, it leaves that person the decision or option as to whether he wishes to fully divulge it or not.

A person earning $100,500 and another earning $890,600 are both earning a 6 figure salary.

Get the drift?

This could be yearly or monthly income and it could also be in various currencies such as US Dollars ($), United Kingdom Pounds ( £), Euros (€), Japanese Yens (¥), etc.

  • £100,000 and £999,999,
  • €100,000 and €999,999
  • ¥100,000 and ¥999,999.

Let’s talk about different variations of 6 Figure

  • A person could be earning six figures a month.
  •  An income of 6 Figures a year.
  • 6 digit salary jobs.

There are Careers that pay six figures.

How much of the American population is making 6 figures?

According to the 2010 US census, 7% of persons and 17% of “households” earned over $100k in 2010. (See Wikipedia’s article on Household income in the United States)


I’m also sure you’ve heard people saying Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos makes $12 Million an hour. 


How much is 6 figures in the united kingdom?

6 Figures means in the UK is any number between 100,000£  and 999,999 £


How much is government tax if you are making 6 figures?

Well this again depends on the country that you’re eligible to Pay Taxes


What is it like to make six figures and Is A 6 Figure Salary Good?

Making a 6 figure income is a dream for many, however, the cost of living varies dramatically in different countries and cities.

Let’s talk about the USA.

A person earning $100,000 in manhattan(Newyork) is equivalent to a person earning $45,000 in Mississippi (Louisiana)

You take home 78% of your $45,000 in Louisiana and only 67% of your $100,000 pay in Newyork.

So a “Newyorker” will pay 50% more in taxes than the person in Mississippi.

Additionally, 6 figures span a wide range of salaries: $100k to $999k.

If you are earning $100,000 and living in a moderate-cost location, then you can afford to own a modest home and be saving for retirement.

Generally, $100 expenses aren’t a big deal and $5000 annual expenses can be worked into the budget.

If you’re earning $100,000 in an expensive cost of living location, you are living in a “not so nice” apartment, probably sharing it with someone.

You may have a little bit of savings but definitely aren’t making progress towards buying a home.

If you have children, you’re really struggling, and are likely close to living paycheck-to-paycheck. Generally spending $20 to $50 isn’t a big deal and you can budget $2500 annual expenses.

How much is 7 figures?

How much is 7 figures, salary income

How much money is 7 figures?

  • 7 Figures means more from 1,000,000 to 9,999,999 per year is a seven-figure salary

A 7 figure salary or income ranges anywhere between 1 Million dollars and under 10 Million dollars per year  (7 Digits)

Jobs that pay 7 figure salaries:

Now that you know how much 7 figures is, it’s natural that you’d like to understand how to earn it.

Seven-figure jobs are typically held by individuals who are extremely specialized, exceptionally talented, or exceptionally brilliant at timing. Often, it is a mixture of the three.

For one to earn a 7 figure in salary you have to be on top-level Executive positions of a profitable business or company such as CEO, CFO, COO, Chairman of the Board of Directors, etc.

This indicates that most seven-figure careers fall into one of the following categories:

  • You rake in millions or billions of dollars every year for your firm or clients. This group includes investment managers, salesmen, and physicians, among others.
  • You began your career at a highly successful firm at a young age. This indicates that you likely have excellent stock options and high remuneration. The bulk of millionaires in the IT sector are an excellent example of this.
  • You work in a field with a small number of specialists. That would value your knowledge and experience at a fraction of a million dollars. Physicians, salespeople, and financial managers are all excellent instances of this.

Examples of People who make 7 figure income

  • Medical professionals who have a thriving practice
  • High profile Lawyers with their own law firms
  • Shareholder of highly successful stocks
  • Top investment bankers and brokers
  • Professional Athletes
  • Top Entertainers in industries such as music and Movies


Don’t be fooled though, it takes many years of hard work and experience to reach those positions. The “Get rich quick” narrative is a scam and false for 99.999% of cases.

A positive note is that you can make seven figures without getting a college degree.

Instead of studying for your undergrad degree or doing full-time internships in the summer, why not work on your own business?

How much is 8 figures in money?

How much is 6 7 8 9 Figures salary and income explained

  • 8 Figure income means more than 10,000,00099,999,999

An 8 figure salary or income ranges anywhere between 10 Million dollars and under 100 million dollars per year (8 Digits)

So how much is an 8 figure salary and what are some examples of 8 figure salary jobs?

An 8 figure salary means that the salary has eight digits in the value, using whole dollars or whatever currency is used.

So the range of salaries would be (using dollars as the example) $10,000,000 (count ‘em, 8 digits) to $99,999,999 (still 8 digits).

The numbers would be the same if the salary were in Euros or yuan but the value of the salary would be different, of course.

Think people like Jeff Bezos, Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, and Steve Jobs, They are more in 8-9 figures

What professions pay 8 figures per year?

The answer to “how much is an eight-figure salary”, is over 10 million dollars and under 100 million dollars.

Those that are making 8 figure salaries are at the top of their game. They are in positions that bring their companies an insane amount of money, and they are in fields where there is enough money to pay someone that much.

Here are a few jobs making eight figures a year:

  • While serving as the CEO of Chipotle, Brian R. Niccol racked up $33.5 million in additional cash and stock options.
  • Daniel H. Schulman, the founder of PayPal, received $37.5 million in compensation.
  • Disney CEO Bob Iger took home a staggering $65.6 million in compensation.
  • Pichai earned $86.1 million in shares and cash during his tenure as CEO of Alphabet (Google).
Holywood Actors
  • Tyler Perry earned $97 million in revenue last year.
  • Dwayne Johnson earned a total of $87.6 million.
  • Ellen Degeneres earned a total of $84 million.
  • The Jonas Brothers made a total of $68.5 million as a group.
Athletes that compete on a professional level

As you would have imagined, there are a large number of professional athletes who earn in the eight-figure range. This extensive list contains the following items:

  • Neymar is valued at $95.5 million.
  • Lebron James dunks on a $88.2 million dollar bill
  • Steph Curry is aiming for $74.4 million in salary.
  • Tiger Woods earned a total of $62.3 million.

How much is 9 figures in money?

  • 9 Figure Means over anything above 100,000,000

A 9 figure salary or income is anything above 100 Million dollars  (9 Digits)

Our Conclusion on 6, 7, 8, and 9 figure income

6, 7, 8, 9 figures and salary explained

If you are earning $999,000 per year in income, regardless of where you live,  you are doing great although not as great as your successful friends who have immense wealth.

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You are accruing wealth in investments. You own a nice home. You’re able to take regular vacations but you are flying mostly commercial (not private).

You don’t think twice about spending $1000 and $50,000. Your kids are in Private school and you’re thinking about the financial future of your children and retirement.

Unless you’re earning that money off of passive investments, you’re probably working pretty hard.

You’re paying a lot in taxes and feel like you’d be getting towards your financial goals faster without them.

So the next time you hear someone is making 6 figures a year income  It means that they are doing good at whatever it is that they are doing!




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