Do gas stations accept apple pay? Absolutely yes. If you’re Looking for gas stations that take apple pay near you you’re in the right place

You may now pay for gas using Apple Pay instead of cash, debit card, or credit card. I hardly need to use my wallet at the pump, thanks to Apple Pay. All I require is access to my iPhone or Apple Watch.

There are a variety of gas stations that accept Apple Pay. Some gas stations, however, only take Apple Pay at the pump, while others only accept it at the cashier.

The list below includes gas stations that accept Apple Pay both in-store and at the pump.

We’ve taken it a step further by including a button for finding a gas station. This can aid you in locating gas stations that take Apple Pay near you. 

Table showing the list of Gas Stations That Take Apple Pay



How To Locate A Gas Station that accepts Apple Pay Near me

In addition to our ‘find location’ option in the table above, you may use your iPhone or iPad to look for gas stations that offer Apple Pay.

Given that we use Apple Maps to find directions to a destination, it’s only natural that you’d be able to check if a gas station takes Apple Pay.

This is an excellent method to determine whether a gas station or a  store you’re about to visit accepts Apple Pay.

Alternatively, if you’re planning a trip, follow this advice to see whether gas stations along the route accept Apple Pay.

To accomplish this, follow the steps outlined below:

  • Navigate to the “Maps” application.
  • In the search bar, type in “gas stations around me.”
  • There will be a list of petrol stations. Choose your favorite gas station.
  • To know if the station accepts Apple Pay or not, select “Useful to Know” 


How To Pay For Gas at the pump with Apple Pay?

Apple Pay only requires you to have your iPhone, iPad, or apple watch to pay for transactions hence it’s secure since you won’t be sharing your credit or debit card with the retailer or merchant.

I’m aware that a lot of fraudsters target gas stations in order to steal your credit card information, so I try to stick to gas stations that accept Apple Pay (or some other kind of contactless payment) to avoid having my credit card info stolen.

Are you prepared to make that payment? The basic steps to take are outlined below:

  • Look for the contactless symbol or sign at the gas station.
  • Navigate to Apple Wallet on your apple device.
  • Double press the side button.
  • Identity Verification is required, If your device has a Face ID, double-press the side button. Then, use your face or passcode to sign in. If your device has a Touch ID sensor, put your finger on the sensor and press it.
  • Next, you should place your device on the contactless symbol
  • Voila! Payment has been Made!

If the location accepts Apple Pay, just hold your smartphone up to the credit card terminal and authenticate your payment using a facial scan, Touch ID, or your passcode. Paying at the store or at the pump is the same.


Frequently Asked Question(FAQ)

Does chevron accept apple pay at the pump?

Chevron fueling stations offer Apple Pay, which is a convenient payment option. Using your iPhone or Apple Watch, you can pay for gas at the pump.

Simply position your iPhone or your Apple watch near the contactless reader.  A beep and a vibration signal a connection has occurred and you can proceed to make a transaction. 

Does Shell gas station use apple pay?

Yes, Apple Pay is accepted at most Shell stations. You can pay at the pump with the Shell app on your mobile device if you have Apple Pay, Android Pay, or PayPal.

The Shell app can be downloaded through the Apple App Store.

What Gas Stations Take Apple Pay And Cash Back

Apple Card is the only credit card brand that offers higher cash back when used through ApplePay than when used as a physical card.

When you pay with the actual titanium card, you receive 1% cash back, but when you pay with your iPhone via Apple Pay and the Apple Card, you receive 2% cash back. If you use it in an Apple Store, you’ll earn 3%.

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Why Is Apple Pay Not Working at the Gas Station?  

The most common causes for Apple Pay not working are that your iPhone’s battery is depleted or that the merchant does not accept Apple Pay.

However, Apple Pay’s failure to work is an inconvenience if you don’t carry cash with you. Apple Pay servers may be inaccessible, a digital payment terminal may be defective, or there may be issues with a specific credit or debit card.

You should verify that your Wallet App is linked to a valid debit card, credit card, or account.

Another reason why your Apple Pay won’t work at a gas station is that your Wallet app has become unresponsive (frozen). To unfreeze your Wallet app, take the following steps:

  • Forcefully close the app
  • Log out of your Apple ID account
  • Restart your Apple device
  • Re-enter your Apple ID password

Apple Pay declined at the gas station? Here’s why and the Solution

Why does my transaction keep failing even though I can see my credit card in Apple Wallet?

There are a few probable reasons why the transaction may be declined

  • There is a temporary lock on your physical card.
  • Insufficient money or a limit on your card or transaction account prevent you from making the purchase.
  • Accidentally input wrong card PIN information at the terminal
  • The terminal doesn’t work with contactless payments.

Make sure you’re entering the correct pin and that the terminal supports contactless payment. You should also make sure that you don’t have a limitation on your card.

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Alternative ways to pay for gas (Contactless)

If you choose not to use Apple Pay but would want to pay through contactless, you can download the gas station’s app.

You won’t need to bring out your wallet or purse at the gas station if you use the app. Of course, not every gas station has an app, but the number continues to expand daily.

Below is a list of the popular US gas stations that have their own apps for this provision. 

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