Does 711 Take Apple Pay in 2021?

Yes, majority of 7-Eleven stores accept Apple Pay as a method of making purchases.

7-Eleven said this week that mobile payment systems Apple Pay and Google Pay will be accepted at most of its nearly 8,000 U.S. stores this month, according to a press release.

Customers can download the 7‑Eleven app in the Apple store or Google Play, visit the 7Rewards online mobile website at, or chat with the 7‑Eleven bot on Messenger.Does 711 Take Apple Pay Payment Policy In-Store at the Pump

Other payment methods can be added to the app, but cash must be loaded at the register in the store.

Better still, 7Eleven Wallet users don’t have to pay any loading or transaction fees, and they don’t have to pay interest as credit card users do.

7-Eleven, Inc., the largest store in the convenience retailing industry, has announced that it will now accept Apple Pay, which is transforming mobile payments by providing a simple, secure, and private way to pay, as well as Google Pay for contactless payments at participating stores in the United States.

Apple Pay is transforming mobile payments by providing an easy, secure, and private way to pay.

In most cases, you can use Apple Pay at your local 7-Eleven as long as the store supports NFC payments (the contactless payment logo is a good indicator).

Additionally, you may use Apple Pay to add money to your 7-11 app, which you can then use to pay for items in the store.

People who frequently shop at 7-11 will benefit from this since they may earn additional points by using the 7-11 app to pay for their purchases, which can be redeemed for incentives.

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How Do I Use Apple Pay At 7-Eleven?

Once you’ve logged in to the Apple wallet on your phone, you’ll need to authenticate your identity. Using Touch or Face ID will allow you to accomplish this. Holding the device over the NFC reader is next.

A green light indicates that a transaction is complete and you can remove your card reader. In addition, the word “Done” will show on your screen as an additional assurance.

Apple Pay at 7-Eleven is a simple process. However, you must possess an Apple Watch or iPhone in order to make a payment.

In addition, you should let the cashier know in advance what mode of payment you want to use. To ensure that the NFC reader is ready for you, they do this.

Can I Combine Apple Pay With Another Payment Method At 711?

It is not possible to use Apple Pay at 7-Eleven with other payment methods due to monitoring and security concerns. As a result, the store recommends that you only use one mode of payment for a single transaction.

If you’re paying in cash, on the other hand, you can mix payment methods. You may make a single transaction with both a gift coupon and cash in hand. However, certain 7-Eleven outlets do not allow this.

What Other Contactless Payment Does 711 Take?

Most 7-Eleven outlets now accept Apple Pay and Google Pay. It’s the only method of contactless payment they have available to them. In addition, gift cards are accepted.

You may buy any of these items at 7-Eleven, where they are all available for purchase. Also, you may use them to order goods on the internet.

The 7-Eleven app requires that you add the specific wallet you’re using to your account. Online purchases can thereafter be made using the contactless payment option.

What Am I Able To Purchase At 7-Eleven With Apple Pay?

Apple Pay is accepted at 7-Eleven for all purchases. You can buy whatever you want with a digital wallet payment.

The shop, on the other hand, is not listed on Instacart. As a result, using Apple Pay to make purchases is not an option. However, do not be disheartened; 7-Eleven has a slew of different options.

Various payment methods can often be combined at many shops. Inquiring minds want to know whether 7-Eleven follows suit. If this is the case, pay close attention to what follows.


Does 7-Eleven Accept Apple Pay if you place online Orders?

For online orders, the retailer accepts Apple Pay. However, they only permit this on their own application. As a result, you’ll have to buy from there.

What you can buy online with Apple Pay is unrestricted. Fill the cart and choose this payment option at checkout.

The convenience store chain accepts several other payment options as discussed above.

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