5 Best and Good paying jobs for 16 year olds

Find Your Next Teen Job, Tips and Opportunities to find the best online jobs for teens

Are you a 16 years old who is looking for a good paying job to make some extra money online? Or are you a parent to a 16 years old teenager at home who is getting bored and looking for something to do?

Finding a job can be difficult, but it’s even more so as a teenager. There are plenty of opportunities out there for teens looking to earn money while still in school, and the internet is full of them!

There are many online jobs that cater specifically to teenagers. Whether your teen wants to work from their bedroom, we’ve got them covered!

The best online jobs for teens are those that offer a flexible schedule, allow them to work from home, and do not require any previous experience.

In this blog post, we will share with you 11 sites that offer online jobs for teens. From babysitting to modelling gigs – these sites have something for everyone!

5 Best and good paying jobs for 16 year olds

Here are the best and coolest online jobs for 16 year olds teenagers you can start today:

1.Get Paid For Reviewing Songs

You can make money as a teen by reviewing songs from up-and-coming artists. This is a great way to help out musicians with emerging careers and get paid for it!

Websites like Slice The Pie pay people to review songs, commercials, clothes and more. Your opinion helps brands shape their products before they go live.

The site pays you depending on the quality of your submission with a rating system that ranges from one star to five stars for reviews at three levels: low-quality ($0), medium-quality ( $1-$5) or high-quality (more than four stars).

You’ll receive payment through PayPal account – but can only cash out when it reaches ten dollars!

2. Become an Online Tutor

Online tutor - good paying jobs for 16 year olds
Online tutor -good paying jobs for 16 year olds

Are you good at specific Subjects in school? Do you enjoy helping others learn? If so, some companies will hire online tutors. Some hire people as young as 15 or 16 years old.

SameSpeak hires teens to teach English. You need to have English as a first language to work there because it helps students acquire the natural speaking fluency of native speakers in their second language quickly and easily while learning vocabulary through conversation practice with other learners around the world using Skype video chat (a free service).

Tutors earn $10 for every half hour they spend teaching!

Minimum Age Requirement: 16 years old

SkimaTalk is a company that hires young tutors to help people learn natural English conversation using their own personal experiences.

Many of the tutors are teenagers between 16-18 years old, so they can understand how teenagers think better than an older person who has only interacted with them in school or work settings.

Though not as good as SameSpeak’s rate of remuneration, the pay for these teenage teachers does come with the perk of being able to work from anywhere and be your own boss.

3. Pet Care

Pet care- Online jobs for teens
Pet care- Online jobs for teenagers

Are you an animal lover and you love walking dogs? If so, then why not start a business caring for pets while the owner is away?

You can work on your own hours and there are many ways to get started. One advantage is that pet sitting positions do not require prior experience.

For example, if you’re over 16 years old, sign up with sites like Rover.com or create an account when under age (with parental supervision) on Facebook or Craigslist.

This type of job flexibility might be perfect for working parents who also want freedom in their schedule!

Do you enjoy taking care of animals? If so, advertise your services in local ads or Facebook groups, or put brochures in mailboxes across your area! You’ll be amazed how much money people are prepared to spend for a reliable dog walker!

What you’d make: The median pay for an animal care worker is $13.67 per hour.

4. Start a Blog


Starting your own blog is something I constantly encourage students to do since they are an excellent opportunity to develop in-demand skills, improve their communication skills, and grow their network.

However, starting a blog doesn’t guarantee easy money. In reality, there is no assurance of monetary compensation.

You would be surprised how much you gain from blogging. Website hosting, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), content creation, social media marketing… the list is endless.

Operating a blog is similar to operating a business, and that these skills are more important than money to a teenager.

Once your blog begins to receive visitors, there are a variety of methods to monetize it. For example, affiliate marketing and showing advertisements through Google Adsense are the two most viable options.

We’ve written a detailed post on the best strategies for creating a profitable affiliate marketing blog.

We’ve comprehensively covered everything you need to know from choosing the right niche to keyword research and Search Engine Optimisation.  Be sure to check it out!


Final Remarks

In the end, I think your adolescence and teenage years should be a time when you focus on personal growth, new skills and happiness.

You have the rest of your life to work with, and there is undeniable value in being a carefree child.

If, on the other hand, you are the sort of person that has an entrepreneurship mind, it is a good idea to satiate this urge with fresh side hustle ideas or challenges.

Hopefully, some of the suggestions in this post about good paying jobs for 16 year olds or other money-making opportunities for teenagers will point you in the right direction!

And in whatever you do, keep in mind that perseverance and hard work is always the key!

You may not begin earning money immediately, but you will eventually arrive at a destination you never imagined was attainable if you continue to take the appropriate steps.


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