Are you a natural at making friends? Do you have an outgoing personality and enjoy spending time with people? 

If you have a passion for snuggling and a heart for helping others, then this is the career for you.

Then this guide is just for you! We’ve covered the things you need to know about becoming a professional cuddler such as;

  • How to get started as a professional cuddler.
  • Where to find clients – Websites that offer cuddling jobs.
  • Professional cuddler salary.
  • Tips to help you advance your career as a professional cuddler.

Having a stranger cuddle up to you sounds a bit more than odd to most people. But if you are a person who understands just how isolated the world is becoming, then you wouldn’t be shocked to know people pay for a cuddle buddy to cater to their need for human touch.

Skin hunger, the feeling a person gets because they’re craving touch and being stressed from the lack thereof, is a good reason to seek out a professional cuddler hire. It’s considered therapeutic.

Curious about how to become a professional cuddler? Maybe? Well, I’ll tell you how.

In this step-by-step guide, we show you how to become a professional cuddler and make a full-time income from it.

But first,

What’s Cuddling and what does it entail?

Cuddling is the act of providing affection, comfort, or reassurance to another person in an interpersonal relationship. It’s about being present, understanding and accepting the other person’s needs, and connecting with the other person’s emotional state. It’s about taking care of someone else and making them feel safe. It’s about being kind, thoughtful, and caring.

Professional cuddling isn’t a sexual activity; it does not entail penetration. Cuddling is a special type of communication. It’s about communicating in a nonverbal way.

Professional cuddlers are individuals who practice their craft for a living. Some are employed full-time at cuddle cafes, others work independently or as independent cuddlers.

The benefits of being a professional cuddler include the ability to develop and provide great experiences for individuals in a secure, caring space, as well as the ability to earn money doing something you enjoy.

Is cuddling for money even legal?

Yes, legal and unregulated at that, at least in the US. However, professional cuddler certification will take you a long way in getting jobs with reputable companies that offer the service.

Certified Cuddlers is one such company providing training and certification in this novel career. The training takes you through the concepts of professional cuddling, communication techniques, security measures, and more.

Some cuddling companies also offer professional cuddling training before they set you up for work.

Now that you know it’s legal, is professional cuddling safe?


It is if you know what is entailed in a cuddle session. A cuddler and their client need to be clear on what is expected from each of them before the cuddling even starts.

Consent and continuous open communication throughout the season will also ensure the utmost comfort for the parties involved.

If you’re hired through an agency that provides cuddle therapy, there are likely rules and guidelines that need to be adhered to for a cuddle session to be considered safe.

We haven’t even gotten to the actual cuddling yet. The cuddling should be of a platonic nature, not sexual.

There’s a lot to figure out on how to go about cuddling considering there are more than 50 variations of cuddling.

Professional cuddling positions are what you’re going for, not sensual touch. The Cuddle Sutra goes into great detail about the different types of cuddling, and training from a place like Cuddle Academy will help you decide which ones work best on a professional level.

Okay, so what do professional cuddlers do?

For starters, the cuddle session doesn’t have to include touch. It depends on what a client is looking for.

A typical session will include easy conversation, hand-holding, and perhaps a shared activity like going for a walk. It will also likely include hugging and variations of cuddling such as spooning.

How old do you have to be to become a professional cuddler?

18 is my guess. A majority of cuddle clients are middle-aged. Someone equipped to handle people in this age group is best suited, therefore adults probably much older than 18 are ideal.

Can a man be a professional cuddler?

Although more than 90% of professional cuddlers are women, the clientele mostly consists of men.

Women are considered to be characteristically understanding, warm, and soft individuals and it would probably be easier for them to offer cuddle therapy. However, these traits aren’t exclusive to women, and I’m sure there’s a clientele for professional male cuddlers. Just take these traits into consideration;

How do you feel about someone you barely know touching you?

You need to be comfortable and open to being touched and offering touch, sometimes for long periods of time.

The cuddle client might be a different gender from you, take it further with age, race, or ethnicity, just way different from you. An open mind to diversity is crucial to being a good professional cuddler.

Are you capable and willing to offer comfort, somewhat on demand, yet still maintain a professional frame?

In other words are you a naturally caring person who’s enthusiastic about offering emotional support to others without getting carried away, becoming too involved, or emotional? If you are, this could be a natural fit for you.

How about the stigma that comes with such a profession?

Saying it again, you need an open-minded view of professional cuddling that’s not colored by other people’s skewed views of it.

Professional cuddling holds its own in the wellness industry just like other therapies do. It’s not a profession somewhere in the line of sex work.

This kind of cuddling happens in a platonic way and with both parties fully dressed, plus training is provided on how to keep things professional.

You have the right, as a cuddler, to quit any session with a client instantly at any time if the client suddenly makes you feel uncomfortable or unsafe, or if the client starts harassing you.

How much does a professional hugger make? – professional cuddler salary.

So how much do professional cuddlers make? Now that we’ve already covered how to make money cuddling let’s talk about the expected salary.

You’re not likely to become rich being a professional hugger/cuddler but you could make as much as 80 dollars an hour, not to mention tips. Sessions sometimes go for hours or even overnight, which equals more money.

Oh, and you could go virtual. Not actual cuddling, but it is a thing. Virtual cuddles are catching on in light of recent events such as lockdowns.

Professional cuddling jobs are available in various countries such as Australia, the UK, and the US. Some cuddle companies include CuddleCo and Cuddle Therapy in Australia, and The Cuddle Company and Harmony Cuddles in the UK.

The US has quite a few cuddle companies considering the service is offered in over 30 states. The companies include Cuddlist, Cuddle Companions, Snuggle Salon, CuddleUp, Cuddle Party, Cuddle Comfort, and so many more.

Most of these companies will either offer training or require certification before they onboard you for a cuddle job.

You need to set up a professional profile on their website that will include a good picture and a description of what you’re willing to offer, maybe your personality traits and what you’re looking for in a client. You’re good to go from there.

Potential clients will message you and they’ll decide whether to book a cuddle session if you’re a good fit for each other.

Becoming a professional cuddler could be a rewarding job to do for the unique individual that understands the nuances of what is required of them. Emotional support, comfort, a safe feeling, and companionship for a client who cares about their mental well-being.

Here are 8 tips that will help you become a professional cuddler.

  • Know Your Customer: You need to know your customer so that you can provide the best experience possible. If you don’t know who your customers are, you may not be able to offer them the best service.
  • Be Professional: You need to act professionally so that you can build trust with your customers. It’s important to be courteous, and you need to act respectfully.
  • Have a Good Time: You need to have a good time so that you can keep your customers happy. If you don’t enjoy what you’re doing, then you won’t be able to do it properly.
  • Be Flexible: You need to be flexible because you’ll have to work around your customers’ schedules. If you’re not flexible, then you won’t be able to get the job done.
  • Be Patient: As professionals, you must be patient with your clients. You should be able to identify with and provide for the client’s emotional requirements. Customers’ mood swings are to be expected when working as a cuddler.
  • Be Trustworthy: Cuddlers need to be trustworthy with their clients. They should not lie to them or mislead them.
  • Always be Available: Being available is essential in the profession of cuddling. The professional needs to be able to respond to phone calls, text messages and emails to clients.
  • Show Empathy: A good cuddler can empathize with others and feel their emotions. They need to be able to put themselves in the shoes of another person

Up for it?

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