Where to sell pictures of your feet in America and make money!

Are you one of those people who get tons of compliments about their feet?

If yes then I’m here to tell you that you’ve been standing on a fortune all your life!

Yes! you heard me right

Can you really make money selling feet pictures?

Yes, you can make some easy money online by selling pictures of your feet!

Sounds a little weird I know, but the truth is Feet Pictures are getting popular every day and people are making money selling feet pics.

In a world of almost 8 Billion people, people have a lot of fantasies foot fetish being one. Study shows that close to 6% get excited by good feet and legs.

Besides foot fetish, Marketing products and services related to feet and legs is on the rise in this digital era.

Brands are looking for those gorgeous feet to advertise their products and services such as sandals, lotion, nail polish, women’s stockings, and lingerie.

Doctors, digital publishers, massages and beauty parlors, sports agencies, and modeling agencies are all looking to buy beautiful feet pics.

So don’t be surprised that somebody might be willing to spend some money buying some beautiful feet pics.

Sounds intriguing… right?

So how can i sell pictures of my feet in America?

If you want to learn more about how to make money selling feet photos, here is the most complete step-by-step tutorial that will teach you how to sell feet and toe pictures online and earn money from home.

So let’s dive right in.

What do you need to get started?

Let me show you how to successfully sell feet photos. 

Before we get started, the one thing I would like to emphasize is that you can sell your feet photos, whether you are male or female. The appeal is the same across both sexes.

“So what do I need to start selling feet pics?”

Basically, all you need is your pretty feet and a good camera.

You don’t need an expensive one when starting out. Most new generation mobile phones have a pretty decent camera that can take awesome and quality images.

Just snap pictures of your feet the same way you take those awesome selfies. Don’t be afraid to enlist a friend to photograph your feet as this will allow you to offer a variety of feet pics.

Make sure to write a good bio for selling feet pics; When creating a bio, you must include something that will entice more visitors. Remember, the more people who visit your profile, the more likely they are to become paying clients.

What’s the best way to take feet pics? Feet picture ideas.

Make sure to learn few feet poses; you can take a variety of pictures in different positions and angles such as

  • Arched feet
  • On your tiptoes
  • With your toes pointed out
  • With feet up in the air
  • One high heeled shoe hanging off your toes
  • Snap those photos from unexpected angles and in different artsy backgrounds.
  • Take feet pics while laying on your stomach over your shoulder of your soles
  • Take a short Video(5-30 seconds) having your nails painted, or massaging your own feet.

Below are some examples of foot fetish photo poses that might help you land some new clients.


What if my feet are not pretty, Can i still sell my feet pics?

Are my feet pretty enough to sell? Absolutely yes!

Presentable feet are no problem if you have good hygiene and protect your feet against damages

Most people will be interested in your soles and won’t mind your toes, you don’t even need a pedicure if you’ve been taking good care of your feet for long.

How to build up customers for your feet pics?

The first thing you need is to set up your social media accounts.

You can start by creating accounts on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook among others. The reason why I have chosen these is that they already have some active feet community.

However, you’ll need to join as many groups or pages as possible to maximize your chance of getting more people to know what you’re offering.

The best way to search for these groups is by using feet pics related “search terms” or by using hashtags.

Hashtags are more like keywords that describe what your pictures or photos are all about.

Make sure to use a lot of hashtags. There are some fantastic hashtags out there that can help you find customers.

Here are some great hashtags to use

Selling feet pics hashtags

  • #feetworship
  • #feet
  • #feetlover
  • #footfetishnation.
  • #feetpics
  • #sellfeetpics
  • #buyfeetpics

The next step would be to carefully go through some of the girls who have profiles already set up. Take a keen look at their profile and take note of all the poses that they use.

Look at all the hashtags they’re using because it’s a guarantee that every single post under feet pictures will have a couple of hashtags underneath. Try to see which hashtags have been used the most and use them on your feet pics too.

You can also try a few obscure ones that only have like 600 posts or less reason being that if somebody is looking for that specific thing like socks, fetish nation, or something like that, you’re gonna be one of the only results that pop up,

I know you’re probably wondering,  why would anyone pay for feet pics when there are thousands just one google click away?

This man spends £300 a month buying photos of people’s feet’

Well…some people prefer particular things and a certain type of feet

Let me give you a few examples,

A person might be interested in feet with tattoos, feet pics with rings on certain toes, feet pics with dirty socks….. the list is endless.

Another reason is that the buyer gets to interact with the seller. You surely can’t do this while looking up feet pics on google or can you?

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How Much Money Can You Make Selling  Feet Pics?

How to Sell feet pics, How Much money can you make selling feet pics, earn money by sending feet pics, get paid to send feet pictures

How much do feet pics cost or how much to charge for feet pictures?

First off, there is no standard fee for feet pics.

However, you can make anywhere between 3$ -1000$. The price mostly depends on various factors.

  • Client offer: Some clients may offer to pay more than others. For example; A Foot fetish client may offer higher pay than a client who is looking to buy for marketing purposes.
  • Image quality: Professionally photographed feet, professionally edited or photos captured in sensual zones tend to attract more attention and attract higher prices.
  • Level of Expertise: A foot model who is an expert is better placed to pose confidently and produce better feet pictures than an ordinary person who is getting started.
  • Experience: Having massive knowledge in this industry means you’ll connect to a wider clientele base.  Higher demand will result in better bids.
  • Beauty: Gorgeous and attractive feet and toenails are more likely to attract higher prices. Some clients may idolize your feet meaning increased income.

Take an example of Jessica who is a foot fetish model selling her feet pics on her Instagram and Twitter accounts. Jessica is in a position to customize her feet pics and package them to suit her buyer’s needs.

A client can request feet pics showing a dirty sole; this means she can adjust the price accordingly.

Another client might ask you to wear a certain shoe brand; this means the buyer is willing to pay an extra buck to get exactly that.

If you’re wondering how to charge for feet pics, you need to make your own price list. Don’t quote too high as you might scare away some potential buyers.

I would suggest putting up a little price sheet and a list of things on offer. This will make it easier for those interested in your services.

What kind of feet pics make the most money? well, that may depend on your client, A short video of your feet will definitely fetch more money.


So, How do you get paid when you sell feet pics?

There are various ways how to get people to pay for feet pics

If you decide to join feet pic selling platforms the most common payment methods are PayPal, Skrill, or a Gift Card.

However, if you decide to be a foot model you choose your own payment method depending on availability especially if you’re overseas.

So if you’re in a dilemma on how to get people to pay for feet pics let’s talk about the most common payment methods that are safe and reliable.

1. Getting Paid through PayPal 

PayPal is the most convenient and widely used mode of payment as it’s fast and secure. The only downside is that it is relatively expensive compared to other online payment options.

PayPal will charge you a flat rate of  2.9% plus $0.30 for every transaction.

2. Getting Paid through Cash App

Cash App is a cash transfer app that offers peer-to-peer money transfer services.  It also offers a bank account complete with a debit card called Cash Card which can be used to make purchases.

Cash App allows you to receive up to $1,000 in a span of 30 days if you have not verified your details.

However, it is possible to avoid this limitation by providing your social security number together with the date of birth for identity verification.

3. Getting Paid through Venmo

Venmo is a cash transfer app that’s mainly used to transfer funds from a bank account to someone else’s account via their profile.

Although Venmo is mostly used by people to transfer funds to their close friends and family, it can also be used for payment collection.

It’s advisable to set up a business account rather than a personal account due to Cash transfer limits that are imposed on a personal account.

With a Verified business account, you’ll be able to transfer amounts up to $3,000K each week.

Venmo just like PayPal charges you per transaction, 3% when using credit cards.

The good side is that there will be zero charges if you’re using a debit card.

4. Start a Patreon 

Patreon is a crowdfunding platform that allows your clients who are known as patrons to support your work through subscription-based payments.

This means you can have a continuous source of income if you have customers who have subscribed. All you have to do is to provide some exclusive feet photos every new month.

This is a huge way to earn some steady income and can rack in some huge amounts at the end of each month if you grow a huge fan base.

How to sell feet pics without getting scammed

The Internet is full of people who want to leap where they have not sowed.

Here are some helpful tips on how to sell feet pics in America safely and how to avoid scammers when selling feet pics

  • If you decide to be a foot model, always ask for payment upfront before sending any feet pics or videos.
  • Be on the lookout for people who ask you to pay them for your own content. They might ask for gift cards, Transaction fees, or asking you to send them money to prove that you’re a real person.
  • Repeat Messages: Most scammers usually copy and paste repetitive messages. A genuine buyer usually messages first but don’t be shy to initiate a pitch to a potential buyer.
  • Avoid sharing personal information whatsoever! This includes Credit card information, Bank details, Physical address or personal Email address.
  • Set boundaries and expectations

Where Can I Sell Feet Pics in America?

If you’re a beginner, you’re probably asking, “where can I sell pictures of my feet for money?” 

Wondering about the best places to sell feet pics in UK, Europe, USA, or even Australia? then you’re in the right place.  

Most people want to remain anonymous when selling feet pictures; however, others are not shy to build a feet brand complete with their faces.

For those who are bold enough to become foot models and want to build a complete brand with followers, you are free to choose both your own selling and payment platforms and also set up your own fee structure.

The other big advantage of being a foot model or creating your own feet brand is that you can customize a package to fit your buyers’ needs. This means that you can adjust your prices accordingly and keep the buyer coming back for more.

If you’re one of those willing to go down this path it’s advisable to set up new social media accounts selling your feet pics. The main reason is to separate your feet pics hustle and personal life. (Remember we don’t want to mix these two for our own well-being)

How to anonymously sell feet pics in America.

Can I sell pictures of my feet without showing my face?

Well, If you want to mask your identity, it’s advisable to go through a picture-selling platform that will allow you to remain anonymous.

You’ll need to sign up for these websites and Apps and they will handle everything else for you.

Payment to your account will be done after deducting the agreed percentage of sales as commission.

In some cases, some websites/Apps will offer instant cash when your uploaded pic or video is approved. The downside is that most of these platforms offer low prices and you don’t have control of your content once you submit it.

Where to sell feet pics: Best Apps and Websites to sell feet pics.

Let’s talk about where to sell feet pictures and make money

Below is a list of apps and websites where you get paid for pictures of your feet.

Dollar Feet – How to sell feet pics on dollar feet

How to sell feet Pics on Dollar feet, Is dollar feet legit?

Dollarfeet.com is a website that allows you to sell feet pics by becoming a foot fetish model.

All you need to do is submit your application as a model and once it’s approved, you can start earning right away by sending your feet pics and videos as per the instructions provided.

All you need is some pretty photos or videos of your feet and you can start earning anywhere between 5$ – 50$ depending on how pretty your feet are and the number of videos (5-minute long)

You can choose to remain anonymous or conceal your identity by wearing props and masks but they offer higher prices if you choose to show your face.

According to Dollarfeet, their Bestselling feet video clips are: soles show videos and sweaty soles show videos. However, your soles and face must be visible in those videos.

Method of Receiving Payment: Paypal

Is DollarFeet.com Legit?

Dollar feet has an average to good trust score.

The review of Dollarfeet is positive.

The positive trust score is based on an automated analysis of 40 different data sources we checked online such as the physical location of the company, other websites found on the same web server, technology used, etc.

The Website is  5 years old which is definitely a good sign. The company’s address is available on the contact page. But the contact number is missing. Customer support can be reached via email and contact form.

Instafeet- How to sell feet pics on Instafeet

sell feet pics on instafeet -Where to sell feet pics, Instafeet- How to sell feet pics on Instafeet, Is instafeet Legit

Instafeet is a membership platform where buyers pay you a monthly subscription fee to access your profile.

You have to apply for a profile and once approved, you can start earning by posting at least 5 feet pics. It’s advisable to set your membership fee on the lower side to attract as many subscribers as possible to your profile.

But like we mentioned earlier, you should know your worth and if you’ve got those high arches and pretty feet, you can determine how much you charge for every photo. However, the majority of feet sellers start charging somewhere between $5-$20. You can however raise the price as you get more demand.

Like most feet-selling platforms, they charge a 10% commission fee for payment processing and platform maintenance.

Want to know more about Instafeet? Check our comprehensive Instafeet review by clicking the link below

Instafeet Reviews: Is Instafeet reliable and safe?

Foap -How to Sell feet pics on foap.

Where to sell feet pics How to Sell Pictures on foap best app to sell feet pics

Foap is another platform that will allow you to sell your feet pics online.

It’s available as a web application (website) and as a mobile app on both android and iOS.

So how can you sell feet pics on foap?

Head over to Foap and sign up.

Create a profile and upload your best quality photos and videos and when a person or a brand purchases an item on your portfolio, you’ll split the earnings 50/50;

This means a 50% commission.

But wait! NOT everything is gloom and doom!

Foap offers other opportunities by virtue of being in the Brand Marketing Industry.

They partner with big brands to deliver optimized online advertising by providing images to these brands for their advertising campaigns.

This means big brands have access to your portfolio and who knows! Your feet pics can feature in an ointment advertisement!

You can also participate in any of their creative photo and video Missions for various brands and earn yourself hundreds of dollars!

Don’t forget to use tags when uploading your photos. Tags are keywords that will describe what each photo is all about.

Here are some tips to increase your income selling feet photos and videos on foap. 

  • Properly tagged photos are more visible in the search on the Foap Market. You can add from 5 to 100 tags to each of your photos. It’s recommended to add as many relevant tags as possible.
  • To keep up with the competition always be creative, unique, and different in your own ways

Feetify- How to sell feet pics on feetify

Where-to-sell-feet-pics-Sell-Pictures-on-feetify-best-app-to-sell-feet-pics how to sell feet pics on feetify, is feetify legit?

Feetify platform is more like a social media for people who buy and sell feet pictures online.

It’s absolutely free to join and once you have joined you can start to upload pictures of your feet and make some money selling them online.

The website has a live chat feature that allows you to communicate with your customers in real-time. Some customers may have very specific requests on how they would like their feet pics or videos this will give you an awesome opportunity to charge a premium price and increase your income.

Etsy – How to sell feet photos on Etsy

Where to sell feet pics Sell Pictures on etsy to sell feet pics Etsy - How to sell feet photos on Etsy

For you to sell Pictures of your feet on Etsy, you first have to create a seller account and wait for approval which takes a short time. After approval, head into the “Open your Etsy shop” section and login into your seller account using your email.

Now you can start uploading your feet pictures and set your price. Etsy will charge you $0.20 for each listing that you post. Each picture will remain on Etsy shop for a maximum of 4 months, or until someone buys it. Interested buyers are requested to visit the Etsy website and search for “feet pictures” on Etsy’s search bar.

Finally, Etsy takes 5% of the final sale that you sell your feet pictures. The payment processing fee is 3% of the sale plus $0.25. You’ll receive these bills from Etsy every end month and you are required to pay by the 15th of the following month.

Payment Options

Etsy doesn’t restrict you to one payment option, instead, you are free to choose which payment option to offer your buyers including credit cards, debit cards, PayPal, among others.

How to Sell Feet pics on Instagram


Instagram is a photo app with over 12 billion users every month making it one of the best apps for selling feet photos.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to sell feet pics on Instagram.

  • All you need is to set up your selling feet pics account/profile on Instagram.
  • Start posting your best feet pictures, this will help gain traction as we build our fan base.
  • Now we have our account all set up! You need to find your competitors and steal their ideas.. oooh and followers too. To find your competitors use the following hashtags
    • #feetworship 
    • #feet
    • #feetlover
    • #footfetishnation.
    • #feetpics
    • #sellfeetpics
    • #buyfeetpics
    • #BeautifulFeet
    • #PerfectFeet
    • #PrettyFeet
  • Now head over to their profile and follow the active followers on the page. You can even message them directly just to let them know that you’re also selling feet pictures.
  • Look at their profile and check out what hashtags they are using or even steal a few ideas on how to take good feet pics that will attract more followers to your account.

How to Sell Feet pics on Facebook

Where-to-sell-feet-pics-Sell-feet-Pictures-on-Facebook-to-sell-feet-pics- How to Sell Feet pics on Facebook
You should likewise be utilizing Facebook and you realize that a large number of individuals use Facebook everywhere throughout the world.

You can likewise make a  shop on Facebook and associate it with your site and sell photos of your feet.

How to Sell Feet pics  on TikTok

Head over to google play and download the TikTok application for android devices and AppStore for iOS devices.

Open the app and create an account. Voila! You’re now good to start creating new videos.  One awesome thing about TikTok over other feet selling platforms is that TikTok does not require approval for you to use it.

Head in to complete your personal information. Add your email address and a website link. Why is this necessary? When customers see your video clip, they’ll visit your profile trying to access information on how they can get your images.

Additionally, you can discuss your charges for a feet picture and provide a link to your cash transfer application like PayPal or bank account.

Tiktok has recently introduced TikTok for business, which you can use to promote your business. It requires you to be a TikTok user first, as explained above. You’ll need to fill out the necessary information required and then submit it for approval. Having this account will set you apart from other TikTok users who post funny videos.

Download TikTok today for free and start making money selling your feet pictures!

How to Sell Pictures of your feet on FeetPics.com

How to sell Feet Pictures on feetpics.com

Feetpics.com is a platform where feet sellers can signup and start selling their feet pics as soon as their membership is approved.

They offer various services such as WhatsApp, Videos, Pictures and Feet Cams

Your vendor page comes with a built-in advertisements function, therefore you can add listings in different categories when you like.

You can choose to use the free listing or go with the Premium Listing whereby you’ll be required to pay a one-off set up fee of $ 9 and no commission is charged.  

Payment options include PayPal, Bank transfer, Bitcoins Amazon Gifts and credit cards.

The Premium Listing offers the following features

  • Your Profile will be Marked with a Verified Badge
  • Ability to customize your sellers’ page by uploading a Profile and Cover Image
  • Your Page will be Searchable on the platform 
  • Built-in Get in touch with Form and Social networking Links
  • Rankings and Buyers can give you Reviews
  • You can Receive Offers from feet buyers.
  • You can communicate with the buyers through direct Messages
  • Your Page will be Featured in the Vendors’ Profile.

Craiglist – How To Sell Feet Photos On Craiglist


Other Ways  to sell your Feet Pics

  • Create a Blog and sell your feet pictures (Ecommerce)
  • shutter Stock – How to sell feet pictures on Shutter stock
  • Sell Feet pictures  on Twitter

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 

  1. Do you have to pay taxes for selling feet pics?

    Lee on Instagram In love with my gr🍇pes footlove canadiangirl anklet the bosspose

    Yes, you are required to pay taxes when selling feet pics. You are also required to file taxes on the income you generate from selling feet photos.
    This income will be considered as business income and should therefore be recorded on a Schedule C tax form.
    You should indicate that it’s a small online business selling feet pictures operating as a sole-proprietorship meaning that you’ll be taxed as a self-employed individual.

  2. What are the Pros and Cons of Selling Feet Pics?


    One Pro of posting and selling Feet pics online is that there’s a market for it, however, income or the amount of money you can earn may vary greatly depending on a number of factors such as your sales strategies, luck, and how well known you are.
    Another pro is that you have a choice to go public or you can remain anonymous. it’s entirely up to you.
    Selling feet pics is one of the easiest ways to earn some extra money with no investment at all. You can bump into a person with a foot fetish and who is willing to pay a ridiculous amount for your feet or toes pics.
    The Negative side is that the internet can be a bit shady, You’ll encounter all kinds of people some with not-so-good intentions. You know how to easily avoid them now that we have already talked about scammers.

  3. Is there a market for male feet pictures?

    The answer is an absolute yes! Selling Feet Pic cuts across both Sexes.  The only thing to note is that the Market is more biased towards women as there are more products targeted at them however that doesn’t mean that women don’t love guy feet pics too!
    Here is how one guy is killing it by selling feet pictures of his feet

  4. Is it legal to sell pics of your feet?

    Absolutely yes! Selling your feet photos is legal in all ways if you happen to live in the USA, UK, Australia, Canada, and other European countries.
    However, it might be illegal in countries with strict religious cultures
    There are a few rules that you have to observe to avoid breaking the law.
    Make sure there is no copyright infringement.
    To sell feet pics you must be 18 years and above and also your clients should be persons above 18 years of age (consenting Adults).

  5. OnlyFans Vs Instafeet Which one is better when you’re selling feet Pics?

    Instafeet is better than OnlyFans if you’re planning to sell only your feet pics online. However, if you’re also planning to upload different types of Content it’s advisable to use OnlyFans.
    Instafeet is an app that allows anyone to connect with their feet admirers and get paid for access to exclusive content.
    Instafeet is a subscription-based service where users pay as much as $20 a month. The more subscribers you get as a seller, the more money you can potentially make.
    There is very little traffic on Instafeet as many people don’t know about it. On the other hand, OnlyFans has a large amount of traffic as it has more than 300 million users worldwide.
    So, in terms of traffic OnlyFans is better than Insfeet even if you are selling on your feet pics. OnlyFans has better payment options and has faster payout than instafeet.
    So overall, I would say that OnlyFans is better than instafeet if you compare all the parameters.

Final Thoughts On How To Sell Feet Pics in America.

If you’re just getting started with selling your feet pictures online, you should definitely consider one of the many different platforms that exist.

If you haven’t decided what platform to use, I’d recommend the ones listed above. These sites are especially designed to help people get started selling their photos and they’re very affordable.

Keep in mind that if someone buys your feet pictures, you can make anywhere between $5-$10 depending on the number of purchases.

Watch the Video below and learn a few tricks and tips from people who are actually selling feet pictures online.

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